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We develop Chirstian Leaders.

I work full time: online courses fit into my schedule, and I’ve heard great things about the school from my friends.

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I could engage with other students and with the prof, but in a way that allowed me to remain in the communities I was already embedded in.

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Students of Rocky Mountain College who demonstrate financial need are eligible to apply for Student Loan Funding. Note the important information following:

  • Websites and phone numbers for student loan information and online applications are listed below by province and territory.
  • Each province operates their own national and provincial student loan program, and as such, processes vary between provinces. It is important for students to contact and become familiar with their own provincial procedures regarding student loan processes.
  • Loan applications should be submitted at LEAST 6 to 8 weeks before the semester commencement to allow for loan processing. Varying provinces may have different processing times so check with your provincial loan provider to be sure.
  • Students enrolled in all RMC programs may be eligible for loans (full time or part time). Students are not eligible for governments loans if you are NOT working towards a credential. In other words, students must be enrolled in a program leading to a certificate, diploma, or degree (For example, you cannot be an Unclassified student and receive loan funding).
  • Students wishing to obtain full time student loan status need to ensure they are registered in and meet the required minimum course load requirement for their province. (Most provinces consider 60% of a full course load to be eligible for full time funding)
  •  Rocky Mountain College considers 15 credits to be 100% of a full course load
  • Students need to be sure to report the exact name of their RMC program in all student loan correspondence
  • Federal Institutional Code for Canada Student Loans: BPGS
  • Note: Rocky Mountain College is NOT designated as a Private Vocational School/Institution
  • For more information/assistance please contact the Registrar at
  • Students can opt to have tuition amounts sent directly to RMC (tuition remittance), and if so, can be considered paid in full once an award letter detailing their loan amount and a remittance agreement are sent to the Registrar.

*Note: province information not included here. Please refer to the website to review this specific text.

* In Nunavut, the Northwest Territories, and Quebec Canada Student Loans are not available as they operate their own student assistance plans. If you are a resident of Nunavut, the Northwest Territories or Quebec, contact the provincial or territorial student assistance office for further information.